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Nixon AutographingEmerson School 6th grade class 1966WWII Army life, Aleutian Islandsmystery girl - photo found in an old book
Need help with this one?erm foltzShanklin and Loving families at Lemon Cove 1910WWII Carrier Aircraft Service Unit 7  G Detachment
tv repair schoolMummers Play at Camp O Ongo radar dismanteling crewWWII Army life, Aleutian Islands
Hey, that's my grandfather! R Maganuco stumbled across this photo of his grandfather in WWII in a photo posted by a stranger He was surprised and delighted because the family has very few photos of him... Read More
A mystery in an emotional moment This photo was taken just days before the death of the husband of the woman in black The other is the family cook offering comfort This may have been taken in Oklahoma We hope someone out there can identify them... Read More
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